The Importance Of Halal & Dermatologist

Tested Skincare Products.

OVG is proud to announce that all of our products are Officially CERTIFIED HALAL and most of them are DERMATOLOGY TESTED. When a skincare product, such as ours deemed dermatology tested, they must go through various procedures to determine if the products are safe to use on even the most sensitive skin.

Dermatological Tested Products

When it comes to choosing the right skincare products to achieve that perfect glow, it helps to turn to the experts: dermatologists.

All Orlins product are Tested and Certified by DERMSCAN ASIA for its safety and confidence of usage.

Established in 2002, Dermscan Asia is a fully-equipped 600 sqm cosmetics research laboratory based in Bangkok.

Dermscan Asia, provides a broad range of efficacy and safety tests to meet customer requirements for regulatory claims and/or marketing claims of their research and development products. Dermscan Asia’s team of qualified and experienced specialists including Dermatologists, Dentists, Gynaecologists, Ophthalmologists, Pharmacists, Scientists and Technicians with specific research experience, operate under company SOPs, ICH GCP, and various local regulations.







What Does Dermatologists Tested Mean ?

Buying dermatologist-tested products take a lot of guesswork out when determining if a particular brand is suitable for most skin types. That said, you want to make sure you understand what this means and what it doesn’t mean.

Simply put, many skincare and cosmetics products have this certification to show they are effective and non-irritating for most skin types. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is right for everybody.

If your skin is prone to breakouts or exceptionally sensitive, you want to dig a little deeper and make sure the ingredients used won’t cause additional problems. Remember, the dermatologist label is a good start when choosing the best products for your needs, but it isn’t the end of what you should be looking for.

To defend your skin with Products Safety and Certification

What Tests Do Dermatologists Do on Skincare Products?

While there are several different ways to test skincare products, there is one that is pretty common. The Repeat Insult Patch Test (RIPT) is administered by dermatologists and is a rigorous testing method recognized within the industry and by experts everywhere.


In fact, this is the same test our OVG team opted for when we achieved our dermatologist seal of approval for our products are





| DE LEAF THANAKA Refreshing Talc 100 g | DE LEAF THANAKA Superior Natural Cover Foundation Powder 01 (7g) LIGHT | DE LEAF THANAKA Superior Natural Cover Foundation Powder 02 (7g) NATURAL | DE LEAF THANAKA Duo Translucent Oil Control Makeup Loose Powder, 15 g   – Light Yellow Beige / Pink Pomegranate | DE LEAF THANAKA White and Smooth Body Serum 180ml | DE LEAF POMEGRANATE Ageless Anti-Aging Moisturising Gel 40ml |

So, how exactly does the RIPT testing work? It is a clinical study done to establish the potential irritation from the product in question. After the completion of all the patch tests, the results must be signed off by a dermatologist.

What Types Of Skin Are Dermatologist - Tested Products For?

Usually, dermatologist-tested products are deemed safe for normal or sensitive skin types. But this isn’t always true, so it is important to consult with your individual dermatologist if you have specific concerns.

With the skincare industry growing at a fast pace, there are many options for your unique skin needs, which might seem like great news. However, it’s easier now to get sucked into pretty packaging and clever marketing and end up buying something that is either not doing anything for you or, worse, damaging your skin.

Whatever we apply topically on our skin is getting absorbed right into our body, which means being knowledgeable about deciphering the labels on your skincare can really pay off and contribute to optimal skin health in the long run.

Switching to clean skincare means using products with SAFE and HALAL ingredients and Natural botanical extract-based ones, making it easier for your skin to absorb all the good stuff and none of the bad.