Orlins Venture Group (OVG) is a marketing and distribution company for natural skincare and beauty products. Founded in 2016, Orlins has since introduced a range of products that are natural, selected halal-certified, and affordable to consumers in Southeast Asia (SEA). 

Orlins Venture Group is a Malaysian company that distributes and retails professional-quality natural cosmetics products for personal use, as well as in aesthetic salons and spas. We focus on the advantages of reliable quality, satisfactory effects and simple usage methods with the philosophy that places importance on the effectiveness and practicality of professional skincare products. We provide opportunities for customers to choose high quality products of skincare.




Why we need to avoid harmful Chemical-Based Skin Care Products

 The usage of Chemical-Based Skin and Hair Care Products are increasing exponentially worldwide. These beauty care products available in the market impose various chemicals and synthetic ingredients. In spite of the fact that some chemicals make them effective, they increase the probability of developing into skin allergies, irritations and side effects. As a result, more harm is often done than good. Because of the powerful advertising brainwashing by the manufacturer, customers are unwittingly spent a lot of money with negative results and also damage the skin. Therefore, usage of natural products is minimal.

Natural and Renewable Ingredients

Our products selection is made primarily with natural ingredients, renewable and from the Natural socio-biodiversity, which are then combined with the best of cosmetic and skin care technology to maximize product performance and benefits.

By prioritizing natural ingredients in the formulas of the products, we are seeking not only your well-being, but the well-being of the

planet. Plant-based ingredients are renewable, unlike the mineral-based ones – which come the petrochemical substances and are still massively used by the cosmetics industry.

Be wise, think, and know what’s best for your skin

 It is really on you to make a decision to use products that include chemicals or not. While they may be helpful in keeping the products safe from bacteria and help other ingredients perform better, some chemicals can also irritate and harm your skin and health. You should look carefully at the labels and use products with right natural ingredients for your skin, as everyone’s skin type and sensitivity vary. Be wise, think, and know what’s best for your skin!



Our team not only provides the customers with safe and effective products, but we also offer a good and affordable price. Our platform is intended to promote better beauty products SAFE & HALAL – the natural way. Our skincare & oral care products are safe to use with no side effects and have proven to be effective. Most importantly, the prices are within the affordable range for the mid-level consumers market. In summary, Orlins Venture promotes better skincare, beauty care & oral care products, in a natural way.